How do I participate?

We have brought aelai to life to enable you to participate in our future with AI. Cool, hey?

You should know, participation is f*cking important. "Why?", you are asking. We need to ensure that technological advancements benefit the society as a whole, not just a select few (duuuh). By involving everyone, we foster a diversity of perspectives and promote responsible development that addresses the needs and concerns of all stakeholders (mic drop).

  • Educate yourself

    It is essential to understand the capabilities, limitations and social implications of AI to make informed decisions and contribute positively to our future with AI. You don't know where to start? We got yo!

  • Share your knowledge

    Gatekeeping ain't cool, you hear us? By sharing your knowledge about AI, you amplify its impact and foster a more inclusive and informed society that is ready to harness its potential for good.

  • Engage in discussions

    By engaging in discussions, you contribute to a collective dialogue that drives responsible development and fosters diverse perspectives. The cool thing about AI, it's so broad that everyone can find their voice!

  • Buy AI-Merch

    Don't worry, you don't have to become a developer to support responsible AI. Buy AI-Merch, and we donate 1€ for each product sold to well-selected organizations that are committed to responsible AI. Easy peasy.

  • Wear AI-Merch

    Spark conversations and raise awareness effortlessly by wearing AI-Merch. You don't even have to say a word to be an advocate for responsible AI practices. Nice, right?

Haven't understood why this is important and what we want to achieve? Then you gotta keep reading πŸ‘‡

or just trust us that it is πŸ˜‰

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Why should I care about AI in the first place?

Artificial Intelligence is already a part of our daily lives and its rapid evolution has immediate societal implications.

While it offers opportunities for productivity and addressing global challenges, it also raises concerns such as bias and threats to democracy. Uh oh...

Responsible development and usage are essential, requiring education and open dialogue among all individuals to ensure AI benefits everyone and mitigates risks.

By raising awareness and empowering each other, we can shape a future where AI serves humanity positively. Woop Woop!

Read more about the 5 reasons why you should care about AI.

Why is it important that I participate in our AI future?

Participating in our AI future is essential because failing to do so can lead to significant consequences. Without active engagement, individuals and organizations risk being left behind in understanding and harnessing the potential of AI, limiting their ability to adapt to changing technological landscapes and missing out on opportunities for innovation and growth.

You don't want that... we thought so.

Moreover, by not participating, there's a greater chance of AI being developed and implemented without considering ethical considerations, potentially leading to harmful outcomes such as increased bias, discrimination, and threats to privacy and democracy. Therefore, active participation is not only beneficial for personal and organizational advancement but also crucial for shaping a future where AI serves society responsibly and inclusively.

Okeeeee let's go.

What is "responsible AI"?

Big words and big meaning. That is why it is the perfect word that summarizes what AI needs to be to be good for us.

Here are the AI Principles of the OECD for you – they describe what responsible AI-Systems should be like very well:

1. AI should promote sustainable development and ensure prosperity for all people.

2. AI should be developed in a way that respects laws, human rights and democratic values.

3. AI systems should be transparent so that we can understand and scrutinize the results.

4. AI should always be safe and robust. Potential risks must be continuously assessed and managed.

5. Organizations and individuals who develop, deploy and operate AI systems must ensure that they function properly and in accordance with these principles.

How could a "positive world with AI" look like?

...a world in which artificial intelligence benefits everyone - not just the people and organizations with financial means or technological know-how.

In this world, technology is a tool for progress and prosperity that is open to all. Artificial intelligence supports and complements human creativity and labor, rather than replacing it. It is used to solve complex problems, promote diversity and inclusion and improve the quality of life for all people.

In this world, education is not a privilege. AI is being used to develop personalized learning methods that take individual needs and abilities into account. This gives people, regardless of their background, the opportunity to reach their full potential and contribute to society.

At the same time, AI is used responsibly and ethically. There are clear guidelines and standards for the use of AI that aim to protect human values and rights. Transparent decision-making processes and clear responsibilities ensure that AI systems work fairly and equitably and do not reinforce discrimination or injustice.

Innovation and collaboration are central principles of this world. Companies, governments, research institutions and civil society work together to develop and use AI to achieve common goals and tackle global challenges. Open data and open standards promote the exchange of knowledge and enable advances in AI to benefit everyone.

In this world, there is room for humanity and empathy. AI supports healthcare by enabling personalized diagnoses and treatments while respecting patient privacy and autonomy. It promotes social interaction and togetherness by breaking down barriers and connecting people, regardless of time, place or cultural background.

Responsible AI is a big task. But we firmly believe that by working together to use technology for the benefit of all, we can create a future characterized by progress, justice and humanity.

Who do we support?

We support those organizations that are committed to responsible AI practices because those organizations are true heroes – and you are too if you support them. They are dedicated to ensuring that AI technologies are developed and utilized responsibly prioritizing transparency, explainability, and safety. We allocate a portion of our profits to the organizations that our community (aka you and the other aelais) want the money to go to. By making you aware of those organizations and supporting them financially, we strive to contribute to a future where AI benefits everyone in our society while minimizing potential harms. So, thank you for your help – you're awesome.

Your organization is doing such amazing work but you are looking for donations and exposure?

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Supporting organizations and initiatives working on responsible AI can be as easy as putting on a T-shirt. Our products are made from organic cotton, come in three different fits (regular, relaxed, and oversized), and feature designs that express their unique meaning through bold or subtle prints or embroidery.

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Participate in our AI future by learning, sharing and engaging!

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