1. Artificial Intelligence isn't some future technology.

Most of us use it every day. Without even realizing it 🤯

With more and more data, more and more computing power, and more and more investment in the field, we will see AI evolve at an even faster rate.

Don't worry, this doesn't mean the world is going to be taken over by a Terminator 🤗

But it has some implications that are more immediate and we should care about.

2. Artificial Intelligence has societal implications. Immediate ones.

Not only can AI improve productivity, efficiency and decision-making, it can also address global challenges such as climate change and inequality.

At the same time, experts warn of bias, discrimination, the potential for manipulation, and threats to democracy...

3. AI needs to be developed and used responsibly. 

This means, that AI systems should be designed, developed, and implemented for the benefit of individuals, society, and our planet.

Let us make AI a solution for all, not just a profit-driven game.

"What the f* can I do about that", you are asking yourself.

Well, the first step is educating yourself and talking with others about it.

4. Everyone should know and talk about AI.

Knowledge empowers us to join the conversation, to use the technology correctly, to educate others, to understand the difference between right and wrong.

Because... seriously, how should we feel after consuming the (social) media coverage about AI?

One group of people just talks about all the potential and features AI has and shares lists with 1000+ AI tools. The other group draws dystopian scenarios of AI becoming superintelligent very soon and taking over the world.

Even more overwhelmed than before? Same here. Let's counteract this, shall we?

5. Raising awareness, empowering all of us.

Learning about AI and its societal impact is a first big step. The next one we gotta take is raising more awareness.

Because the more people are aware of the benefits and risks of AI and how to use the technology, the better we can create a world where everyone benefits from it.

Seems like a big task?

It starts with you. Share your knowledge with your family, your friends, your colleagues and managers, in your communities, in your city, in your country. In our world.

The AI journey is still at the beginning and you can play a crucial role in shaping it by educating yourself and spreading awareness.

Together we need to define how our world with AI should look like.

As aelais, we got this 🤝

...and because you asked, a little video for you 😉