For educational institutions and teachers

Your students need to

💡 learn about AI

🗣 exchange about AI

💪 use AI correctly


😐 they are frustrated and unsatisfied

🤷 their skills are insufficient for the labor market and global challenges

📉 they assess AI's potentials and limitations incorrectly

👿 they use AI irresponsibly

But don't worry..

Not everything is up to you.

We can help you with that.

We can continously educate your students.

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The results

🤓 Better understanding: The students understand AI, its potentials, limitations and social implications. They will be able to better identify misinformation in the future.

🤝 Regular exchange: The students are encouraged to regularly exchange information about AI. This not only keeps them at the same level of knowledge, but also informs them about the latest developments in the field of AI.

📈 Independent and correct use of AI: Students are empowered to independently and proactively work with AI and to utilize its benefits responsibly.

Kind words that students shared with us 💛

  • Your explanations were easy and understandable. Your way of conveying the information really helped me to understand AI better. It was fun to spend time with you and learn from you.

  • I particularly liked the active exchange and participation. The good examples and the humorous presentation really helped me to understand AI.

  • I particularly liked the use of memes and the opportunity to actively participate. I now have a better understanding of why AI and responsible use is important - especially for schools.

  • I particularly enjoyed the "13 questions" game and the discussion round. You showed a lot of commitment and involved us well. That makes learning AI fun.

  • I particularly enjoyed the discussion round and your explanations. I learned a lot about AI and can now better form my opinion about it. Thank you very much for everything!

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Approved by scientists, our AI Impulse-Workshop is interactive, engaging and on eye-level with your students.

In less than 5 hours we cover the following with around 20 students:

👉 How does AI work?

👉 What are its potentials and limitations?

👉 What impact will AI have on my personal and professional life?

👉 How can my school, my teachers and I use and utilize AI responsibly?

& much more. In person or online.

Your students can attend the regular, virtual consultation hour. It can take place e.g. once a month and aims to to clarify questions or discuss thoughts related to AI.

As a result, students...

👉 ...feel heard.

👉 with AI on an ongoing basis.

👉 ...stay at the cutting edge of rapidly developing technology.

👉 ...can share their knowledge with their peers.

We meet your students where they are anyways – on social media.

We create content that is simple, fun and fosters exchange. Compared to other accounts that are only talking about productivity hacks or drawing dystopian scenarios, we win with scientific facts.

Through our up-to-date knowledge transfer via social media, we continue educating your students for free and at any time.

  • Kira

    As a business coach with a background in people development and consulting, I specialise in helping groups realise their potential and overcome challenges. With experience in workshop facilitation, project management and process optimisation, including working with SAP and GATX, I bring a diverse skill set to the design and facilitation of effective workshops tailored to AI and beyond.

    Check out my LinkedIn profile 
  • Ify

    With my experience in design thinking and project management, I excel at developing innovative solutions and facilitating engaging workshops on socio-political topics. My experience as a venture architect at an AI-focused venture builder, coupled with project management skills in SCRUM, uniquely qualify me to design and deliver impactful AI workshops.

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  • Dr. Madhura Thosar

    Senior Data Scientist


    Digital Solutions AG & Co. KG

  • Auxane Boch

    Research Associate &

    Doctorial Candidate at

    Institute for Ethics in AI (TUM)

  • Zurana Mehrin Ruhi

    Student & Research Assistant

    DFKI GmbH

  • Boris Thienert

    Principal Consultant

    Digital Transformation

    Blue Consult GmbH

  • Michael Gross

    Managing Partner

    Metamorphio GmbH

  • Tom Becker

    Project Manager

    DFKI GmbH

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