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1€ of each product is donated to organizations that are committed to the responsible design, development, and deployment of Artificial Intelligence.

It is our job to carefully source them, and yours to vote where the money goes to.

  • The Responsible AI Institute (RAI) is a global non-profit organisation that guides organizations and AI professionals in developing safe and trustworthy AI systems. RAI provides crucial support to ensure compliance with emerging regulations such as the EU AI Act and the Canada Data and AI Act, reducing the risk of financial penalties and criminal prosecution for non-compliant systems. RAI conducts independent and accredited conformity assessments to equip stakeholders with the necessary tools and knowledge to align AI systems with regulations, best practices, and standards. This approach fosters a community-driven effort to build trustworthy AI systems.

    Become an individual member to here.

    Visit their website 
  • FAR AI’s mission is to ensure AI systems are trustworthy and beneficial to society.

    They incubate and accelerate research agendas that are too resource-intensive for academia but not yet ready for commercialization by industry.

    Their research spans work on adversarial robustness, interpretability and preference learning.

    You can learn more about their their news, publications or job offers on their website.

    Visit their website 
  • We are in the process of screening a number of other amazing organisations for you to learn more about and select as an organization to donate to.

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