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Step 1: Colorful Separation 🤍💚🖤

To keep the color of your clothes vibrant and fresh, start by sorting them into color groups. Whites with Whites, Green with other Colors and Dark with Dark – you know where we're going with this, right? This step lays the foundation for a long-lasting wardrobe.

Step 2: Inside-out 🍣

Before using the washing machine, turn your aelai T-Shirt, Hoodie or Sweatshirt inside out to protect the designs and embroidered details.

Step 3: The 30-Degree Dance 💃🕺🏿

Now, let the washing machine waltz with your clothes. Set the temperature dial to a gentle 30 degrees Celsius – the sweet spot for preserving both colors and fabrics.

Step 4: Air Drying for the Win 🏆 

As much as we love our good old tumble dryers, the organic cotton and the print or embroidery will thank you if you choose to air dry your clothes. You will avoid the clothes to shrink and the designs to fade too fast. Oh, and the planet will thank you too 🌎

Step 5: Ironing Away... 🫠

If you choose to iron your garment, remember to iron inside out. Do not iron on the front, directly on the print or embroidery. Otherwise the print will melt... 🫠

Step 6: Wear with Confidence ✨

With your clothes pampered and cared for, it is time for you, to slip into them and embrace the day. Feel the confidence of well-loved and well-maintained fashion.

Still unsure and you don't want to ask your parents for help?