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Successful implementation of Artificial Intelligence?

Start building an AI-Culture

πŸ‘‰ A shared mindset and practices among all individuals that drives the effective integration and utilization of AI technologies across the entire organization to enhance the operations.

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We build trust in and excitement for AI.

AI bottom-up.

AI is growing – we all know that.

But only 7% of German companies are ready for its implementation. 😱

& 61% of companies believe that they have a maximum of 1 year before their business suffers.

Where should you start?

Your employees!

> 70% of Germans have a neutral or negative perception on AI.

That are your employees!

If you don't change their negative perception...

  • they will resist adoption and hinder ceasing benefits of AI.

  • they will affect others with their negative perception.

  • your investments in AI don’t bring expected returns.

Don't worry...

We got you!

AI Impulse-Workshop

πŸ‘‰ Scientist-approved workshop (no bullsh*t 🀞)

πŸ‘‰ Full day (8 hours) with two moderators – interactive, fun and on eye-level

πŸ‘‰ for around 10 participants

πŸ‘‰ Online or offline

+ Report

πŸ‘‰ Customized management report

πŸ‘‰ Anonymous insight on employees’ perception on AI and your management/organization

πŸ‘‰ Ideas and recommendations from experts and your employees on how your organization canbecome more productive and competitive using AI

πŸ—£ Listening and exchanging instead of lecturing

πŸ’‘ Scientific facts instead of media scaremongering

🀝 Steady growth from below instead of pressure from above

πŸ‘‰ How does AI actually work?

πŸ‘‰ What are the its capabilities and limitations?

πŸ‘‰ What impact does AI have on my personal and professional life?

πŸ‘‰ How do I and my employer implement and use AI responsibly?

& much more.

πŸ€“ Employees will understand AI and its responsible usage

πŸ‘ Employees are excited for AI adoption and utilization

πŸ“ˆ Employees are fostering AI implementation bottom-up

  • Kira

    As a business coach with a background in people development and consulting, I specialise in helping groups realise their potential and overcome challenges. With experience in workshop facilitation, project management and process optimisation, including working with SAP and GATX, I bring a diverse skill set to the design and facilitation of effective workshops tailored to AI and beyond.

    Check out my LinkedIn profile 
  • Ify

    With my experience in design thinking and project management, I excel at developing innovative solutions and facilitating engaging workshops on socio-political topics. My experience as a venture architect at an AI-focused venture builder, coupled with project management skills in SCRUM, uniquely qualify me to design and deliver impactful AI workshops.

    Check out my LinkedIn profile 
  • Dr. Madhura Thosar

    Senior Data Scientist


    Digital Solutions AG & Co. KG

  • Auxane Boch

    Research Associate &

    Doctorial Candidate at

    Institute for Ethics in AI (TUM)

  • Zurana Mehrin Ruhi

    Student & Research Assistant

    DFKI GmbH

  • Boris Thienert

    Principal Consultant

    Digital Transformation

    Blue Consult GmbH

  • Michael Gross

    Managing Partner

    Metamorphio GmbH

  • Tom Becker

    Project Manager

    DFKI GmbH

  • Continuous education for free

    We know how important it is to continuously educate employees. They can do this with our free content on social channels. Even from home.

  • Sense of community through AI-Merch

    We further nurture your sense of community with our AI-Merch, which can be offered at a discounted price as part of the workshop package.

  • Showing social responsibility

    By allocating 5% of our workshop profits to responsible AI organizations, you showcase to your employees your organization's dedication to AI's societal impact.

  • Regular AI Consultation Hour

    Of course, we will also be happy to come back and establish a regular AI consultation hour enabling your team to stay updated and explore new opportunities for innovation and growth.

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